Benefits of using ClickPark

Benefits of ClickPark


Pay easy and fast on your phone. No coins and the need to get to the parking slot.
Get alerts about the end of your parking time and extend it remotely wherever you go.
Security of payment transactions is secured through the online gateway of ČSOB a.s..

How does it work?

For initial use of the aplication, follow two simple steps:
(to be performed only once):

1Create an account
2Verify your credit card
  • Register a credit card
  • Make a verification payment
  • Name your card for better orientation

Parking payment is very simple:

3Run the aplication
  • In the parking lot run the aplication
  • The app determines your location and congestion charge zone
4Pay for parking
  • Enter your vehicle’s LP (the next step will be completed)
  • Determine the duration of Parking
  • Confirm the payment and buy a parking ticket

Where to find us?

ClickPark System

ClickPark mobile app
  • recognizing the parking zone according to your current location
  • the ability to define your favorite zones and vehicle registration plates
  • history of parking and payment
  • “Where is my car” feature
Web portal
My ClickPark
  • user account management
  • Changing the password
  • payment cards management
  • overview and possibility to print parking invoices (tax documents)

Order a parking card for citizens or companies

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